Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow progress...

On Guild Benefits. Blame indecision. Until now! I've figured out what to do. Prepare for a rambling post!

I had the choice to stick with my original nicely matched decor in the Guild bedrooms OR change them to Ayleid clutter to match their magic specialization. I have chosen to keep the originals. There are a few problems with changing them; matching Ayleid clutter with decor, and Bruma (and IC Mages' Quarters) has no specialization. Also, why would the regular Guild Halls have access to such rare Ayleid treasures? So the original it is, I will switch out the few that have Ayleid clutter with some other nice dishes that I've found.

Don't fret! The Arch-Mage's Dining Hall will feature heavy use of the Ayleid clutter. There will be 6 tables, each with its own color theme to match the 6 schools of magic. Lighting will match, coming from colored Ayleid crystals above each table. All dining and banquet tables are covered in fine lace. There will be a bounty of food, beverages, and desserts to fit a variety of appetites.

While suffering my indecisiveness, I gathered together food and drink resources to use in the Dining Hall. There is a lot of delicious goodies out there! I had brush up on NifSkope to modify some static items (without collision) into misc items. Collision needed to be added so if you drop these food items from your inventory they will not fall through the floor. My NifSkopery is improving with this mod, all the nifs that I've modified to fit my purposes.

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