Monday, May 10, 2010

Abandoned Mountain Shack by Vince Bly

I recently had the pleasure to beta test the new version of Abandoned Mountain Shack made by my good friend Vince Bly.

Abandoned Mountain Shack is a new home located just off the Silver Road on the way to Bruma. Technically the home is free, but it is a fixer upper and has been empty for a while. You have to remove vines, clean windows, and fix floor boards among other things. You can also plant a flower garden.

Once your home is finished it becomes a cozy little shack with nice views from its see-through windows. The front door has a sliding lock so any dangerous creatures stay outside. There is a coffee pot in the kitchen for you to brew coffee in. A porch swing to enjoy a peaceful moment. There is even an outhouse up the hill behind the house. The home has plenty of safe storage and two extra beds for companions.

If you haven't tried this mod already, you really need to! You can download it at TES Nexus.


  1. I read there that the creator of the mod hid a secret that until now only one thing has found I personally would like to know this secret but more than him I'm laps I can't find it and the truth is a very frustrating situation. I would like to know if someone found it or know how still the mystery. I am sorry my bad English.

  2. If you have completed the cleanup of the shack, a few new items will appear. One of those holds a visual clue...

  3. You've been of great help, thank you very much, I already found what I was looking for. Tonight at last can sleep in peace and happy. Thanks again!


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