Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas G.E.C.K. released today!

You know what that means. It means I need to scope out an appropriate place for a beginner's campsite. I always need a simple, functional place to sleep and store my loot until real housing options become available. Its becoming a sort of tradition for me. (Maybe I should go back and do one for Morrowind?)

Get the G.E.C.K:

So now the game and G.E.C.K. are both installed. I played through the opening sequence (more than once), since I decided to try out hardcore that campsite is really needed for storage now. There's my excuse to get modding. (HINT: Run G.E.C.K. as Administrator.) Found a nice little space for a camper in Good Springs, tossed in a mattress and a few containers and added a map marker. Will add a little clutter for ambiance tomorrow. Too late tonight.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modding Resumes

Hooray! I am modding once again after taking some time off to play. Here's all the news:

Phaedra's Painting Resource Pack was released today.
I made a bloody shoe for Shezrie, there's a murder afoot!
Guild Benefits continues...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Abandoned Mountain Shack by Vince Bly

I recently had the pleasure to beta test the new version of Abandoned Mountain Shack made by my good friend Vince Bly.

Abandoned Mountain Shack is a new home located just off the Silver Road on the way to Bruma. Technically the home is free, but it is a fixer upper and has been empty for a while. You have to remove vines, clean windows, and fix floor boards among other things. You can also plant a flower garden.

Once your home is finished it becomes a cozy little shack with nice views from its see-through windows. The front door has a sliding lock so any dangerous creatures stay outside. There is a coffee pot in the kitchen for you to brew coffee in. A porch swing to enjoy a peaceful moment. There is even an outhouse up the hill behind the house. The home has plenty of safe storage and two extra beds for companions.

If you haven't tried this mod already, you really need to! You can download it at TES Nexus.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slow progress...

On Guild Benefits. Blame indecision. Until now! I've figured out what to do. Prepare for a rambling post!

I had the choice to stick with my original nicely matched decor in the Guild bedrooms OR change them to Ayleid clutter to match their magic specialization. I have chosen to keep the originals. There are a few problems with changing them; matching Ayleid clutter with decor, and Bruma (and IC Mages' Quarters) has no specialization. Also, why would the regular Guild Halls have access to such rare Ayleid treasures? So the original it is, I will switch out the few that have Ayleid clutter with some other nice dishes that I've found.

Don't fret! The Arch-Mage's Dining Hall will feature heavy use of the Ayleid clutter. There will be 6 tables, each with its own color theme to match the 6 schools of magic. Lighting will match, coming from colored Ayleid crystals above each table. All dining and banquet tables are covered in fine lace. There will be a bounty of food, beverages, and desserts to fit a variety of appetites.

While suffering my indecisiveness, I gathered together food and drink resources to use in the Dining Hall. There is a lot of delicious goodies out there! I had brush up on NifSkope to modify some static items (without collision) into misc items. Collision needed to be added so if you drop these food items from your inventory they will not fall through the floor. My NifSkopery is improving with this mod, all the nifs that I've modified to fit my purposes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pluggin' away at GB - MG

GB - Mages' Guild is moving along. I'm currently working on the dining hall. Each table uses a different color of Meo's Ayleid Clutter, crystals provide the colored mood lighting at each - blue, green, red, and white. Aisis suggested one for each school of magic, so Meo may be making me some yellow/gold and purple versions. I'm also trying to think of what kind of decorative objects to use in the teleport room. It will come to me as I work on the mod.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I just can't help myself!

Recently I've beta-tested a few clothing mods. I should be working on Guild Benefits, but I can't help it! People start making stuff for Robert's Male and/or Female Bodies and ask for beta testers. I have to volunteer. Supporting the bodies that I use, or is it just for my own excitement?

Well, the first is a Robert Male V5 Stock Clothing Replacer by Nivea, you can read about it at Canadian Ice's Forum. They make stock clothing look awesome.

The other is Classy Clothing Compendium by CorePC, these are retextures of vanilla clothing to make a variety of new clothing items. CorePC is supporting both Robert Male and Female.

Hooray to both of these fine modders for supporting my favorite body mods!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Website Updates

Sorry for recent silence. I had another bout with depression due to someone saying some awful things. I won't elaborate here (family stuff), but if you have been on ORE Forums you know what happened. BUT... I started feeling better over the last few days so we have modding updates! Woohoo!

First, Espless Book Replacer has reached completion. Thanks to Grimbot for granting permission for the final book. All book meshes now have new nice textures. Also thanks to Ryu Doppler for allowing me to release a compatibility patch for Better Book Collision.

Second, I made a few new decals for Pell's Gate. Two handprints (muddy/bloody), a sooty splat, and some cracks. See the pictures at my Modding Requests page.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Espless Book Replacer

A small release today, Espless Book Replacer. Replaces vanilla textures without the use of an esp. When played by itself it will replace vanilla books. If played alongside a replacer that uses an esp, this mod will replace any mod added books that use vanilla textures. It will also replace textures on Garak's Booksets resource, which is used in many house mods.

In other news, all of my mods and resources combined have a total download count of 26,755!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dining Hall/Splat

Currently working on the Arch-Mage's Dinning Hall, I need some inspiration to finish it. Aisis just released a fabulous chandelier resource that would look just awesome in there.

I started another mini-side project, Shezrie asked for crap. Crap as in garbage, broken things, stains... so far I've got a sooty splat. More in the works like rust stains, hand prints, and maybe some cracks if they turn out.