Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Day Today!

I am feeling really good today. For those of you who know me from OREF or have read some of my entries from a long while back you know that I suffer from depression. In fact I nearly left the modding community because of the depression combined with losing my Grandma (she was also my best friend) to cancer. Good days are very welcome and tend to be very productive. Lots of house work getting done, just taking a break to get some words out.

Adding to yesterday's list of stuff to do I still have some resources that are just about ready for release. I want to get Vanilla Eyes and possibly some of those resources online later this evening. After getting some more house work done of course! =P Now back to work!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Going on Vacation! See Ya!

Yeah, so I've got modder's block on how I want to set up the Arch Mage's Library. Can't seem to get inspiration right now. I know it will come to me, I just need to occupy my time with something else until it hits...

So what do I have to occupy my time?

On the modding front, a minor update to Vanilla Eyes Addon. I'm going to add Bash Tags and remove a stray esp from the textures folder, and an optional esp making SI eyes playable. And by request, since I lost the one I made previously, a compatibility patch for All In One. Probably will do this over the weekend.

On gaining some possible inspiration (that's the story, right!) I can install and play Shezrie's Towns. I've played Lakewood, Ravenview, and Woodland Villages before she added Pell's Gate. For all the love of what we do as modders I need to go to Pell's Gate! It looks awesome, the quests sound incredibly cool, and some of my own creations are used and I really want to see them in action. And lots of other modders made really great stuff for it too. So I say I'm going for inspiration, so maybe that's partially true, but really its more like taking a vacation. =D

Oh, and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness... dusted off my PS2 to finally play this game. Its a lot of fun and bound to take up hours of my time. I am the Overlord! Dood!