Friday, April 8, 2011

Going on Vacation! See Ya!

Yeah, so I've got modder's block on how I want to set up the Arch Mage's Library. Can't seem to get inspiration right now. I know it will come to me, I just need to occupy my time with something else until it hits...

So what do I have to occupy my time?

On the modding front, a minor update to Vanilla Eyes Addon. I'm going to add Bash Tags and remove a stray esp from the textures folder, and an optional esp making SI eyes playable. And by request, since I lost the one I made previously, a compatibility patch for All In One. Probably will do this over the weekend.

On gaining some possible inspiration (that's the story, right!) I can install and play Shezrie's Towns. I've played Lakewood, Ravenview, and Woodland Villages before she added Pell's Gate. For all the love of what we do as modders I need to go to Pell's Gate! It looks awesome, the quests sound incredibly cool, and some of my own creations are used and I really want to see them in action. And lots of other modders made really great stuff for it too. So I say I'm going for inspiration, so maybe that's partially true, but really its more like taking a vacation. =D

Oh, and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness... dusted off my PS2 to finally play this game. Its a lot of fun and bound to take up hours of my time. I am the Overlord! Dood!

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