Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Website is Borked

My site was recently migrated from Google Pages to Google Sites. I was trying to fix it up, but somehow broke it. Oops! I have a query on Google's help forum, so hopefully I can get it back. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New WIPz for Oblivion, Guild Benefits

What benefit is there to joining a guild? Besides quests and besides free loot in the guild halls that some of us roleplay not to take. Not that most of the free loot is worth anything. Being a member of a guild does not guarantee a place to sleep. Sure you can sleep in just about any unoccupied bed, but if someone is already sleeping in it you are out of luck. Nor does it guarantee access to useful goods. Guild Chests by Jagnot tries to address this, also where I got inspiration for my mod.

Guild Benefits is not going to be a cheat mod. It will do two things. 1) Provide a room with a bed and storage. 2) Adds a guild supply chest to the room with basic supplies determined useful for that particular guild.

I will be doing a regular version and a COBL version. The COBL version will have support for hunger and thirst mods. COBL version may or may not include an ingredient sorter, I haven't decided yet whether to include this feature in the public release of this mod.

For more information or to leave comments see my WIPz topic at ORE Forums.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New mod: Espless Slof's Horse Replacer

An espless replacer, meant to be used along side Slof's. Basically it takes care of any mod added horses that use Oblivion's default meshes and textures. Now they won't look out of place.

For more information and screenshots see my RELz topics at BGS Forums and ORE Forums.

This mod has been linked in BGS Forums topic: Let's Talk Horses, Lap 2, a horse mod list maintained by Blade of Mercy.