Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online BETA: Screenshots

Elder Scrolls Online is beautiful!  I have played in the last two beta test weekends and had a blast.  Since the NDA has been lifted, we are all encouraged to share information, screenshots, and videos.  Last weekend I took some screenshots.

I finally got to go home to Morrowind.  For now we can only visit the mainland.  (I hope one day they will add Vvardenfell as an expansion.  Please, oh, please!)

At the end of each beta test, right before they shut down the servers everybody parties.  Here I am rocking it out in Ebonheart.

Click to see a slideshow of scenery screenshots.

Or if you want to see more debauchery, here is a slideshow of the dance party.

This weekend is another beta test, so I will be taking more screenshots.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New DLC Dragonborn announced!

We're going back to Solstheim with the new Skyrim DLC Dragonborn.  From the video I notice a return of Morrowind's Telvanni Towers and Redoran's crab carapace buildings.  I can't wait!

Read the Bethblog post about DLC Dragonborn.

Monday, October 8, 2012

WIPz CEO and Hearthfire Conflicts List

Hearthfire has some conflicts with my work-in-progress mod Crafting Enjoyment Overhaul.  This is a list of those conflicts and some ideas to resolve them for the Hearthfire version of my mod.

Hearthfire includes retextures of most of the soups and stews.
Apple Cabbage Stew
Beef Stew
Cabbage Potato Soup (uses same n-map as Apple Cabbage Stew)
Elseweyr Fondue
Horker Stew
Tomato Soup
Vegetable Soup
Venison Stew (uses same n-map as Beef Stew)
Notes: Cabbage Potato Soup uses an n-map that doesn't match.  Cabbage Soup is not retextured at all, nor is the stew in the Cooking Pot.
My plans:  My retextures will be released in an optional addon.  Cabbage Soup and Cooking Pot retextures will be part of the main mod.  Create proper n-map for Hearthfire's Cabbage Potato Soup, probably don't need one for Venison Stew since it is nearly identical to Beef Stew.

New Foods:
These new foods duplicate ones that I have already created.
Flour (mine is an ingredient)
Clam Chowder
My plans: Remove these changes to the CEO esp file.  My meshes and textures can be an optional addon.

New Recipes:
These are new recipes that conflict with recipes that I have created for the same items.
Apple Pie (this pie is the one USKP renames Meat Pie, I have recipes for both kinds of pie)
Bread (this is bread01A the whole loaf bread)
Clam Chowder
Sweet Roll
My plans: Change Apple Pie recipe to make my Apple Pie.  Keep my Meat Pie recipe as is.  Remove the rest of the changes from the CEO esp file.

New Crafts:
Conflicting new crafts.
My plans: Remove this from CEO esp file.

New Crafting Stations:
Conflicting crafting stations.
Grain Mills
Butterchurn (Hearthfire's churn is Flora, rather than Furniture)
My Plans: Remove Grain Mill changes from CEO esp file.  Replace Hearthfire's Butterchurn with my Butterchurn.

Other Things:
Not necessarily conflicts, but things to consider anyway.
Salmon Steak (now there are two kinds, you can now only cook the Hearthfire steak)
Baking Oven (for Hearthfire version of CEO, I will need to change some recipes to Baking craft)
Grain Mills (non-Crafting station type, found as Activators in vanilla Skyrim)
My plans: Make the old Salmon Steak craftable, maybe rename it (Smoked Salmon?).  Change my baked goods recipes from Cooking Pot to the Oven.  The non-crafting Grain Mills, if not being used by the game for any purpose then I will replace these with the crafting Grain Mills.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

DLC Hearthfire released!

Skyrim's new DLC Hearthfire has finally been released on PC for only $4.99.  I'll be downloading it in the next few minutes.  Soon we'll see what conflicts between Hearthfire and my mod CEO there are.  UESP has already given me some ideas on their list of Hearthfire Items.  It isn't just new items, they have retextured most (if not all) of the soups and stews.  So far the retextures, some of the new items, and new Milling craft are all conflicting with CEO.

The plan for CEO is to do a vanilla and a Hearthfire version.  The vanilla version will be for players that do not have Hearthfire installed, since it will conflict.  The Hearthfire version will resolve those conflicts.  I think that for the conflicting retextures, that maybe I will release an optional retex-pack to let players pick their preference.

In the near future, I will post a list of conflicts and how they will be resolved for Hearthfire.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clear Bottle!

Problem solved.  Now I can apply the same technique to the Oblivion Beverage Replacer.