Saturday, October 6, 2012

DLC Hearthfire released!

Skyrim's new DLC Hearthfire has finally been released on PC for only $4.99.  I'll be downloading it in the next few minutes.  Soon we'll see what conflicts between Hearthfire and my mod CEO there are.  UESP has already given me some ideas on their list of Hearthfire Items.  It isn't just new items, they have retextured most (if not all) of the soups and stews.  So far the retextures, some of the new items, and new Milling craft are all conflicting with CEO.

The plan for CEO is to do a vanilla and a Hearthfire version.  The vanilla version will be for players that do not have Hearthfire installed, since it will conflict.  The Hearthfire version will resolve those conflicts.  I think that for the conflicting retextures, that maybe I will release an optional retex-pack to let players pick their preference.

In the near future, I will post a list of conflicts and how they will be resolved for Hearthfire.

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