Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online BETA: Screenshots

Elder Scrolls Online is beautiful!  I have played in the last two beta test weekends and had a blast.  Since the NDA has been lifted, we are all encouraged to share information, screenshots, and videos.  Last weekend I took some screenshots.

I finally got to go home to Morrowind.  For now we can only visit the mainland.  (I hope one day they will add Vvardenfell as an expansion.  Please, oh, please!)

At the end of each beta test, right before they shut down the servers everybody parties.  Here I am rocking it out in Ebonheart.

Click to see a slideshow of scenery screenshots.

Or if you want to see more debauchery, here is a slideshow of the dance party.

This weekend is another beta test, so I will be taking more screenshots.  Stay tuned!

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