Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vampiric computer wants my blood!

So I better explain the title of this post. My computer's power supply fried Sunday night just after I posted at ORE Forums. It shut down as though we had a power outage, but sadly it was just the computer. I bought a new power supply and installed it last night. Darn computer bites me everytime I open the case, serious! Well, the computer works fine once again and no data was lost.

Progress on Guild Benefits continues. I have the doors to the room at Bruma Mages' Guild working properly. Set up a quest and a script to switch out the doors between the pre-destruction guild and the destroyed guild. Thanks go to Darkrider for the script, which I slightly modified. It now triggers upon completion of the quest to check the guild and also if you have already completed the quest before loading Guild Benefits. A similar quest/script combo will be done to provide compatibility for users of Bruma Mages Guild Rebuilt by SSJHero.

The Mages' Guild rooms are mostly complete. Need to do Archmage's Quarters and put the finishing touches on Bruma. Next will implement room upgrade purchases for those who don't like freebees.

Funny thing, my fiance who doesn't play Oblivion has been helping me mod. And even suggested he should get a copy of the game just for modding purposes. How awesome is that? So far he has been helping with lighting and decorating advice.

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