Friday, December 4, 2009

Scripting, icons, and cleanup.

I'm at the tedious part of Guild Benefits-MagesGuild. Scripting for the fires in the Bruma room is now done. Icons for all the numerous miscellanious items are done and believe me there were way too many. Talk about tedious! Cleaned out stuff from the esp and the data folders that was not being used. Now I'm on to pricing the room upgrades. Prices can't be too high, while not just giving them away for a pittance. Pricing will likely be complete tonight, then one final conflict check against UOP.

Once all the above is complete, it will be time to do the patch for Bruma Mages Guild Restored. And finally the Arch Mages Quarters, I've already started obtaining resources for this.

Oh, and there is now a webpage with current information on WIPz Guild Benefits, minus my inane ramblings.

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