Thursday, June 14, 2012

Updated Mod Links and Current Events

TES Nexus has split into Oblivion Nexus and Morrowind Nexus so I have updated the mod links on my website.  All should be functioning properly now.

TES Online is looking interesting.  At least I'm really fond of the concept art, it is gorgeous.  I haven't had time to watch the videos or read much.  Mostly just look at the pictures.  Wondering about monthly fees and game mechanics.  And feeling nostalgic.

I'm really needing some play/mod time.  Even the old hanging lights in the courthouse remind me of AST IC Library Chandelier - Modder Resource by Aisis.  I have a few of those in Guild Benefits.  But rather than modding, I'm still applying for jobs and putting my resume out there.  Also having to commute to Seattle for the part-time job.  So it eats most of my free time.

Oh!  Big news!  I'm going to be an aunt for the first time.  Sometime later this year, my brother and his gal are going to have a baby.  How exciting is that?!

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