Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Temporary hiatus...

Since April, things in my life have been a bit hectic.  So I am on a temporary hiatus from modding and gaming.  I am still active on Facebook if you want to get in touch with me.  Basically, my job status has changed and need to focus on that right now.

In more detail: I work for a small business and until recently was the office manager one of their two small offices.  My office space was reclaimed by the building that owned it and my company had to close it.  My position as manager no longer needed and "due to loss of revenue" I was laid off.  The manager of the second office convinced the boss that my skills were still very much needed and boss decided they could keep me part-time.

This whole time I've been looking for another full-time job.  So far nothing has panned out, but I check the job postings everyday and keep submitting my resume to the ones that fit.  Something will come along eventually.  At least I have a part-time job in the interim and my wonderful fiance for support.

When things settled down, then I'll get back to modding.  My two WIPz Crafting Enjoyment Overhaul for Skyrim and Guild Benefits for Oblivion are still a go, just on hold while I get my professional life together.

Much love to everyone, friends and modding colleges!  I will be back and everything will be OK.  Don't worry!

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