Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cartography and Books

Working on the Arch-Mage's Library. We've got Meo's Series Booksets, Meo's City Maps, Garak's Booksets, Zinni's 8 Book Stacks, some booksets from Trollf's Alchemist's Cave and I'm working on a Kvatch map to match Meo's. Probably use some of Meo's Open Books too. So far I've gathered resources and placed a handful of items, this helps the ideas form. I think there are going to be some display counters and the like. Maybe a small alchemy garden in the center, like the one in DLC Wizard's Tower. Since the int/ext alchemy garden got canned it would be nice to have one somewhere.

I will take some screenshots when I get the place more in order. Only the maps on the wall and one large bookshelf look presentable, the rest is a disarray of misc furniture. I had to stop for today because a migraine is starting. Poo! And I was making good progress... :(

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