Friday, January 7, 2011

Brain Purge, I had to get all this stuff out...

This week I've been:
* Working on Guild Benefits in the Arch Mage's Dining Hall. Removed a bunch of food and drink from the mod that was just too much, left in enough to make things interesting. That allowed me to remove the two banquet tables that were blocking shelves that have Ayleid clutter on display. Put the Ayleid crystals above all the dinner tables, very pretty! Added Meo's Winecellar wine racks and a couple crates to the beverage serving area. And started arranging the foods on the central banquet tables. That means the Dining Hall is almost complete!

* Updates and corrections on Phaedra's Elder Scrolls & Fallout. Fixed minor text errors and broken links throughout, especially on Friends Websites and My Favorite Elder Scrolls & Fallout Links. Updated the Zombie section of About Me with pictures from ZomBcon 2010. Reorganized the Modding Requests page since Shezrie's Towns was released last month. Updated and organized WIPz Guild Benefits page. And finally, I also created new buttons for people who want to link to my website and blog:

* Took last night off to finish reading a book. I think this was good for me, my brain feels quite refreshed. Ideas are popping into my head this morning which I'll detail below...

* ??? Add a bartender NPC to the Dining Hall? This will need dialogue and scripting. I will need to consult tutorials and may need to ask for help. But it would liven things up in the Dining Hall and just be plain cool.

* ??? Where to put Traven's grave: in the private Alchemy Garden or the public one at the University? Also Feek had the idea to have his gravestone give a temporary fortify magicka like the Ayleid Wells. There is already a Well in the AM's Lab, so how about a temporary shield or absorb magicka?

* ??? Do I still want a special staff for the new Arch Mage? If so this post at OREF has some links to some promising ones. Also what enchantment on staff?

To Do List:
* Finish arranging the food on the banquet tables.

* Take and post screenshots of the finished Dining Hall.

* Check food in the Guild Hall rooms, if there is un-cooked meat replace it with cooked meat. See if any other food changes would look nice.

* Decide which area to work on next. Revamp Arch Mage's Quarters (bedroom); or begin building the Library, Alchemy Garden, or Guests' Quarters. I'm thinking Library or Alchemy Garden, leaning a bit more towards Alchemy Garden.

* Start releasing misc resources. A bunch of stuff is ready, only need screenshots and readmes. Ready to go: colored quills, fancy folded cloths, misc clutter items, and mini-ayleid well architectural piece. Late day edit: Thinking on this there are some more goodies in other folders, various things I've played with that may be resource worthy (some signs come to mind.) I'll have to check those out too.

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