Monday, September 24, 2012

New Job and Modding Updates

Good news!  I started a new job today.  Everything seemed to go really well.  It is full-time, so no extra days during the week to mod.  Just evenings and weekends now.  But that's fine.  Working full-time means less worries for me, which means I will be more focused on modding in my free time.  The creative juices flow better when there is nothing to worry about.

Crafting Enjoyment Overhaul is going great.  Took the weekend off to get ready for the new job, but I'm ready to get back to modding.  Some fun developments in the works that I can't talk about quite yet.  Basically, some help from a few other talented modders.  Will announce that in the next month or so.  In the meantime, I'll continue to update on my progress.  Milk, Cream, and Buttermilk models are done.  Next on my list: new model for Butter, new textures for for metal shavings, new recipes for Mortar & Pestle, and whatever else feels good.  ;)

Also, I may have solved an issue that caused me to shelve my Oblivion Beverage Replacer.  There was a problem where the new bottles glowed ingame.  Everything was setup correctly in NifSkope, the emissive property was off.  I couldn't figure it out and neither could my forum friends.  Well, the glowing issue reared its head again in Skyrim with some new meshes!  I was hoppin' mad!  But after some fiddling around I did something different.  I imported the new models over models in an existing nif, replacing them instead of importing it into a new nif.  Somehow that did the trick.  I may revisit Oblivion Beverage Replacer in the future...

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