Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modding Once Again!

The result of one of the new recipes:

Roast Dog Ribs
Better than eating them raw!

After not modding since March, I needed to figure out where I left off...  So here is a basic update, in depth details are now on my website.  Honestly, I wasn't going to start modding or playing again until after finding a full-time job, but I can't put it all on hold forever.  I'm still job hunting and just had a promising interview today.  Hopefully something good will come soon.  In the meantime, I must mod!

New Craft: Milling
3 new Milling Recipes
1 new Alchemy Ingredient
1 new Raw Food
5 new Cooked Foods
10 retextured pre-existing Foods
1 retextured pre-existing Alchemy Ingredient
14 new Cooking Recipes for pre-existing Foods (not able to cook previously)
5 new Cooking Recipes for new Foods

More (at least 4) new Foods
More (at least 7) new Alchemy Ingredients
More (at least 1) retextures of pre-existing Foods
Ideas: Milking, Brewing, Cooking morbid ingredients, Food effect changes/balance, Add staples to vendor list... ???

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