Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pre-Launch Update

Skyrim is out in less than two days! I'm debating on going to midnight release or waiting until Friday morning. We'll see, either way Friday work is closed! Play all day!

The other news, I had surgery last month. It was unexpected. I was in the hospital for two weeks. They took out 6 inches of my large intestine and 3 inches of my small intestine. Then later developed 2 abscesses in my pelvis. Now its a little over a month later and I'm feeling a lot better. Doctors say I have a bit more healing to do over the next couple months, but I'm up and back at work. And able to play Skyrim! I count that as good news. :)

My mod Guild Benefits is still on hold. Of course I couldn't work on it while in the hospital or during my recovery. I'm going to take some time to play "you know what" before I pick it back up again. I do plan on finishing GB. Just like I plan on going back to beat Oblivion, SI, & KOTN. I had planned to do all of that in October, but my body betrayed me. Things are getting better so I'm not upset, I'm doing pretty well considering.

Also, do expect some sort of campsite type mod for Skyrim soon after I get my hands on the Creation Kit. Gotta have a home base for starting characters.


  1. Wow. I didn't know about your surgeries. I've been avoiding FB etc. Glad to hear your doing ok now!


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