Saturday, January 16, 2010

Espless Book Replacer

A small release today, Espless Book Replacer. Replaces vanilla textures without the use of an esp. When played by itself it will replace vanilla books. If played alongside a replacer that uses an esp, this mod will replace any mod added books that use vanilla textures. It will also replace textures on Garak's Booksets resource, which is used in many house mods.

In other news, all of my mods and resources combined have a total download count of 26,755!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dining Hall/Splat

Currently working on the Arch-Mage's Dinning Hall, I need some inspiration to finish it. Aisis just released a fabulous chandelier resource that would look just awesome in there.

I started another mini-side project, Shezrie asked for crap. Crap as in garbage, broken things, stains... so far I've got a sooty splat. More in the works like rust stains, hand prints, and maybe some cracks if they turn out.